Casal d´idiomes 2014: WONDERLAND

We´ve done it again! All our kids and all the teachers had a fantastic time acting, playing, dancing and singing the wonderful wonderous Alice in wonderland! Do you want to follow what we´ve been doing throughout July?

Watch the video of the Alice in Wonderland play

Watch our photo slideshow and join in!


Casal d´idiomes 2013: TV BOX      

What another amazing summer camp full of great unforgettable moments! The surprises, the laughs and the fun never stopped. This year the theme was TV programmes and what a GALA we performed! The teachers would like to thank the brillant Parrots, the Pirates, the Sailors, the Fishermen and the Captains. 

         Congratulations everyone and HAPPY SUMMER!!

         CLICK HERE to see all the great moments we had. 


Casal d´idiomes 2012: THE CIRCUS

It´s time to visit the circus where this year our kids have turned into circus performers. 

Take a look at the PHOTO SLIDESHOW HERE and join in the fun!

Here are some pictures from our super fun closing party!